What we do

The Rock is an outdoor ministry focused on youth ranging from the ages of 11-17. Our focus is introducing the youth to the relationship with Christ and strengthening their relationship in Him. We do all of this through introducing the youths to God’s grand creation via hunting, fishing, etc.


The ROCK partners with youth focused organizations and churches to provide the youths for each hunt. A main reason outside of the youth, is to assign an adult mentor to the youth for and after the weekend that agrees to walk with the youth for one year. We call this our “Fourth Day Mentor” program. It is intended to provide support for the youth after the powerful weekend experience and help the youth to continue to grow in his/her relationship with Christ.


The ROCK is continually building a core group of these Youth Ministry organizations to partner with in the North Texas area. The ROCK is always looking for additional ranch/property owners and Churches who would like to partner with The Rock.


This ROCK team will interface extensively with the leaders of the Youth Ministry organizations and churches, providing training, insight, guidance, and suggestions where needed. The ROCK has developed a training manual called “Blind Faith” that all adult volunteers participate in. The training covers all parts of the adventure weekend, and delves in to many aspects of working/relating to youths as well as the responsibilities of each adult volunteer. Sections in the manual include Goals of the Weekend, how to defineAreas of Struggle in a youth, Leading a Prayer of Salvation, etc.