Becoming active with The Rock

Becoming active with The Rock

Adult Volunteers

Adult volunteers for the ROCK can be involved at any and all of many different levels – there are so many different ways to contribute. The ROCK hosts youths on multiple weekends throughout the season and the year. We are always looking for God-minded men to help on these weekends. The background that supports these weekend adventures is supported by:


Volunteers that engage and find the youths that can benefit from this experience.


Volunteers that can engage and bring new churches/Christian organizations in to and participate with the ROCK organization.


Volunteers that can provide the framework for organization, logistics, planning that is so vital to making this ministry and the weekends for these youth such a blessing and so powerful.


Volunteers who have the ability to give of their blessings – either through financial offerings to help the ministry support these youth hunts – or through ranch opportunities to allow these youths to participate in a weekend out in God’s creation with Christian adult mentors, God blesses these.

Luke 12:48.

Adult volunteers who are willing to commit a small amount of time to invest in these youths AFTER the hunt in our 4th day mentor program.


The ROCK welcomes all your blessings that you may feel in your heart in any form of time, talent or treasure that the Lord presses upon you.

God Bless. The ROCK